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Top 10 foods for vegetarian lovers


This blog is going to be a relatable blog for the ones who are vegetarian or like vegan foods more like me. For meat lovers, this is again going to be a helpful blog if you are searching for lip-smacking vegetarian food options. But before jumping into that let’s bring some light on a phrase certainly, we all have heard ‘Vegetarian foods will bring nothing tasty with it’ or ‘Vegetarian foods are boring, what are even options there’. Let us correct you again that vegetarian foods are extremely delicious, healthy, affordable, and easy to make and all these come with a wide range of variety.

Gone are the days when vegetarian foods were only about cottage cheese and mushrooms or spinach and cabbage, now what can’t be made with greens? absolutely nothing. Vegetarian foods can blend with everything and even enhance the taste. It can be even consumed raw and believe me when I say, that too is equally delicious. Earlier vegetarian menus were very predictable but now greens have become adventurous and blending up with countless ingredients to make up some finger-licking foods. This makes the option for foods for vegetarian lovers huge. There are many additional benefits to vegetarian foods which we will explore later in this blog, so make sure you are stuck with us and explore foods for vegetarian lovers that make up the best vegetarian meals for everyone.

foods for vegetarian lovers

Here are the top 10 foods for vegetarian lovers that you must try, so let’s dig in-

Vegetable Soup

Let’s start it with a really simple, decent, easy to make, and super licious dish that is not only healthy but adds life to many boring foods. Yes, you are right, we are talking about vegetable soups. These are delicious and always a healthy option to go with making it one of the best foods for vegetarian lovers. Whatever the occasion is, vegetable soup can never go wrong. You can make the soup of any of your favorite veggies and pair it with some bread or toast and ta-da, you are ready to enjoy it.

Tofu with Veggies in Peanut Sauce

Who doesn’t know about the health benefits that tofu and peanut sauce gives? Well, everyone is familiar with how great this combo is when served together. In the series of exploring the best foods for vegetarian lovers, we have found something really easy and tasty. Tofu and veggies tossed in peanut sauce is a heavenly delicious dish that can be eaten anytime and is so quick to make. Tofu and veggies are a rich source of plant-based protein and peanut sauce provides our body with the healthy fat that it needs. It is easy to prepare and oh-so-delicious that you and your loved ones have to try this.

Veg Spring Rolls

If you are a person who loves snacking and looking to explore a good option in vegetarian snacks then we’ve found the perfect one for you. Out of numerous options of foods for vegetarian lovers, spring rolls always make up the list. Spring rolls are cylindrical-shaped snacks filled with varieties of veggies and deep-fried or baked to give that crunch. Vegetarian lovers can enjoy it with any filling of their choice that counts including cabbage, carrot, spring onions, lettuce, and cucumber to name a few. The spring rolls are packed with flavors and when enjoyed with a tangy-spicy dip it tastes even better.


The national dish of Egypt Koshary justifies being discussed whilst discussing foods for vegetarian lovers. Just the way it sounds unique, the making of it is unique too. It is prepared with an unusual combination of macaroni with lentils and rice which is topped with a spicy-tangy tomato sauce. To enhance its taste even more it is often suggested to add garbanzo beans and fried onions as toppings. Koshary can be prepared in very less time and is always a good option to be made and enjoyed in a get-together.

Braised chickpeas and Chard combos

Vegetarian dinners are best if it is tasty and fulfilling, isn’t it? Out of some excellent vegetarian dinners worldwide braised chickpeas with chard is the best vegetarian meal to be consumed. Made with smoked paprika and jarred marinara sauce with tomato braised chickpeas with chard together makes up a simply heavenly delicious dinner for the one who loves vegan or wants to give vegan dinners a shot. It is super healthy, so easy to make, and rich in protein which stood up on all the measures.


Experimental dishes turn out to be best, don’t you agree? In the case of vegetarian dishes, those which were not vegan but accidentally turned out to be one are the best. Falafel is that dish. It is a perfectly crispy round snack that is crunchy outside and herby inside. Falafels are one of the most popular foods for vegetarian lovers and a hearty, delicious, and appetizing vegan dinner it truly is.

Stuffed Masala Mushroom

No more vitamin D deficiency in your body with this stuffed masala mushroom dish. All you need is to prepare and enjoy it fresh. This delicious vegan meal will not only give you lip smacking taste but also is too healthy to be eaten. Corn and mushroom mixed and stuffed in mushroom caps topped with cheese and perfectly baked are what this dish requires to be done. Stuffed masala mushroom is one of the perfect foods for vegetarian lovers and is so quick to make that you will make it over and over again.

Carrot Salad with Grapes

Enough of meals now let’s come to salads. Carrots are the king of veggie salads. We all know this but have you ever heard of the magic grapes can do when mixed? No? Let us expose that for you to be amazed. This salad seems so lovely as it is filled with carrot shreds and topped with black grapes that you couldn’t wait to have a spoon of it. This salad will surely be loved by all the users looking for foods for vegetarian lovers. This veggie salad is full of nutrients that can take your body’s nutritional value to a great extent.

Indian Fried Rice

foods for vegetarian lovers

India is famous for its nutritional and healthy food, it is a fact that is known to everyone. For everyone who is in search of food for vegetable lovers or the best vegetarian meals, their search always stops with Indian vegetarian dishes. Indian Fried rice is a fragrant, spices-infused bowl of rice that is filled with healthy nutrients and is so easy that it can be prepared within half an hour. It is one of the easiest vegetarian dinners that can be made by using leftover rice instead of wasting it. Indian fried rice can be served with raita or can be eaten as prepared.


There are some of the very popular vegetarian dishes that we all consume from Israel. Besides offering uncountable vegetarian dishes from Israel, Shakshuka is somewhere top of the queue. Shakshuka is served with poached eggs with a mouth-watering sauce which is made up of tomatoes, onions, cumin, and chili pepper. The time for enjoying shakshuka is not fixed. Some people enjoy it at breakfast while some during dinner.

Wrapping up

We all think that we’ve got bare minimum options with vegetarian foods but we are wrong with this. There are plenty of vegetarian foods for vegetarian lovers. All you need is to explore a little. Vegetarian foods are healthy, tasty, easy to prepare, and reduce the risk of many diseases. A vegetarian person is less likely to contract diseases such as high blood pressure, breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many more.
It’s better late than never so, start giving your meal a healthy veggie spin and witness how powerful vegetables can be. Vegetables can be magical in terms of making our health better because of the nutritional value it contains. So, get your mind out of the myth about vegetarian foods as there is so much to discover and love.

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