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How To Obtain British Citizenship

It’s understandable why so many permanent residents want to Obtain British Citizenship. From discovering the nation’s fascinating history to taking advantage of pub culture or traveling through Europe on your 28 days of paid vacation, moving to the UK has a lot to offer. It’s crucial to comprehend the subtleties of becoming a UK citizen whether you’re relocating to the country for a career, planning to launch a UK business, considering a future with a citizen of the country, or simply searching for a change of pace.

This blog describes all of the key considerations and procedures you should have in mind as you go through the citizenship application process in the UK.

Why apply for UK citizenship?

Numerous advantages come with Obtain British Citizenship. One benefit is that everyone can use the National Health Service for free (NHS). You and your family have well protected in case of illness or injury thanks to this free healthcare system. Additionally, UK citizens enjoy full voting rights in both parliamentary and local elections, giving them some influence over the government’s policies.

Most importantly, unlike UK residents, UK citizens can travel freely between England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland because they are permitted to carry UK passports.

How to Qualify for British Citizenship?

If you weren’t born a British citizen, there are many ways to acquire it. The most typical method is known as naturalization.

If you are at least 18 years old, are of good moral character, have no significant criminal history, and plan to remain in the UK for the required amount of time, you may be able to apply for naturalization. Along with passing the “Life in the UK” test, you had to have demonstrated your proficiency in English during the application procedure.

In most situations, you also need to have resided in the UK for at least five years before the date of your application and haven’t traveled abroad more than 450 days during that time. You must also have spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in the 12 months before submitting your application. If you are an EEA national, you must have had permanent residency for the previous 12 months and be able to submit proof of permanent residency with your citizenship application.

You must have been settled (also known as having “indefinite permission to remain”) in the UK for at least a year if you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). And you must never have violated any UK immigration regulations.

Children under 18

You may apply on behalf of a child under 18 if you intend to bring your family to the UK with you and they meet all other eligibility requirements. The Life in the UK exam is not mandatory for students under the age of 18.

Receive British Citizenship by marriage

You do not become a citizen of the UK just because you marry a British person. As the spouse of a British citizen, you must apply, which takes some time and papers to complete. You must also have satisfied the residency and English proficiency requirements, and you must still sit for (and pass) the exam on how to live in the UK.

You need a permanent residence card if you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) and have received indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

We typically need to have lived in the UK for at least three years before they accept your application, unless your spouse or civil partner works abroad for the British government or a closely affiliated company. You must have traveled outside the UK no more than 270 days over the course of those three years and no more than 90 days over the course of the previous twelve months.

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